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About the jewel

When Middle Ages craftsmanship skills meet contemporary creation

Each of our pieces are handmade with centenary traditional methods that have proven their capacity to defy time.To ensure an endless durability of our products and make each of them unique, two medieval techniques (lost-wax casting bronze and enamel "grand feu") are used for their manufacturing. As to fit today's needs and way of life, a special effort has been made to forge them as thin and lightweight as possible without impacting their solidity. 

The bronze model is cast from the original wax model, then the enamel is applied on the bronze base in very thin layers, and the colors slowly reveal themselves during the process of multiple firings, giving them an incredible transparency. Each of the craftsmen gestures follow those used in France in the XIIst Century. The result is unalterable.

The jewel: About Us
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